A New Dimension of Touch

What if buttons could morph out of the surface of your device?

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A New Tactile User Interface

Tactus brings real physical buttons that dynamically appear and disappear into a flat touch screen. Never again will you have to choose between thin stylish devices with edge-to-edge touchscreens and amazing usability. Mobile can truly mean productivity, immersive gaming, and adaptive interfaces with Tactus. Find out how the buttons work

Buttons that pop out over touch displays - Business Today- Business News http://t.co/ZZozqz13gh via @bt_india
Taking Notes on the Ipad? Heres a great article by @gigaom to make it #USEFULL #iOS #productivity Link Here: http://t.co/7Gq5W2spwi
Mobile M1 Summit today in SF! Hear the latest from #tactus on mobile keyboards. #m1summit #sf @m1summit @RKParth http://t.co/1OfzHq1Lnu
Excited about #SF next week to speak with @Fleksy and @Swiftkey  on #Mobile Keyboards at @M1Summit
Two more weeks until our fearless CTO speaks about Haptics:Sensory Feedback at @IHS in OCT 29. Join the conversation #TGMtactus
Reports from @Digitimes about a #touchscreen Retina #Macbook Air has us wondering if #apple will unveil it on OCT 16 http://t.co/A4f0sDOC4r
Tactus Technology's Dynamic Display Creates Physical Buttons And Shapes on Touchscreens http://t.co/ZILdvbZUVi
Haven't heard from us in a while? Visit http://t.co/l0ckbAgVBY to find out what we've been up to. #tactus #touchscreen #tech
A truly awesome TV spot on Tactus here - well worth your time to check it out! http://t.co/nl2eVbRLgC
RT @MicrosoftIP: While we’re on the subject of VC: @TactusTech filed 20 patents before their first round of funding http://t.co/dRfazXux6P