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Phorm by Tactus 

A New Dimension of Touch

What if buttons could morph out of the surface of your device?

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A New Tactile User Interface

Tactus brings real physical buttons that dynamically appear and disappear into a flat touch screen. Never again will you have to choose between thin stylish devices with edge-to-edge touchscreens and amazing usability. Mobile can truly mean productivity, immersive gaming, and adaptive interfaces with Tactus. Find out how the buttons work

Tactile "robots on reigns" let Firefighters navigate burning homes without visibility @gizmag
@getphorm by Tactus' image ideation- artwork to the assembly guide by @goodapples #FeelPhorm
New senses created with haptic tech. No more biology constraints #poweroftouch @TEDTalks
Tactile feedback in @SmashaballLTD improves cognitive development for blind children @riptari
RT @craigciesla: Tech's next step: Devices that touch you back via @usatoday
Users crave the tangible. And tactile. Brands need to have high touch as well as high tech. @HamishPringle @TheDrum
RT @getphorm: "...One day, all touch devices might be tactile, with learnings from Tactus' tech." via @EconomicTimes
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