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A New Dimension of Touch

What if buttons could morph out of the surface of your device?

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A New Tactile User Interface

Tactus brings real physical buttons that dynamically appear and disappear into a flat touch screen. Never again will you have to choose between thin stylish devices with edge-to-edge touchscreens and amazing usability. Mobile can truly mean productivity, immersive gaming, and adaptive interfaces with Tactus. Find out how the buttons work

Flexible displays are not another smartphone gimmick. They're closer than ever to being real https://t.co/ExALWNLHtp https://t.co/xS5Y4UojkX
Our CTO Micah on UX, entrepreneurship and transformers. NBD https://t.co/1WsFUrqF20
RT @StartupGrind: Is Silicon Valley Developing a Transformer? https://t.co/b7JOeR8ME7 @Shilpi_SV
We transform a lot of things at our HQ! Some things we cannot disclose ;) https://t.co/uTxsVF0dYF
Our tech at this stage uses fixed locations. Our long term goal is a software programmable solution. Thanks Ishan! https://t.co/mhgR7LFbEI
Underwater robotic grippers get to touch what humans haven't touched before @gizmag https://t.co/4tVRDGwxrT https://t.co/KXUHlawQNi
Tactility means accessibility. https://t.co/ia2f7CMSP4
What does it take to change the future of touchscreens? Only our CTO knows... https://t.co/VOx0EYPsBq https://t.co/fa9YcA05vU
Are smartphones evolving the look of our Pinky Fingers? Plus the evolution of cell phones https://t.co/QgCCwIR6vA https://t.co/NEbCCEIdEm
Blind student devises audio-tactile graphics display #poweroftouch https://t.co/T80XMBTkl9 via @ReutersUK