Traditional glass surfaces can't reproduce the feel of writing on paper

Tactus’ scientific design and optimized engineering enhances the user experience of writing by improving indentation, static and dynamic friction, better acoustics, durability and stylus tip performance.
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Tested and preferred over glass

75% of users find writing on Tactus Film more relaxing compared to glass

88% of users find writing on Tactus Film gives them better control.

TrueWrite Film

Tactus’ material stack provides the best pen user experience

Elastomeric properties optimized for writing feel, optics and durability

With 17,000 mechanoreceptors in our hands, the best writing experience just feels right.

Why Tactus?

“According to studies, tactile feedback allows for superior discrimination- when successive data needs to be rapidly resolved, the feel of touch is about five times faster than vision.”

Ambient Touch:  Designing Tactile Interfaces for Handheld Devices, Ivan Poupyrev, Shigeaki Maruyama, and Jun Rekimoto