Announcing Tactus Technology TrueWrite Film


Tactus Technology is elated to announce the entrance of TrueWrite Film into the market.

The shatter protecting patented product is now shipping for the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga, ThinkPad X1 Tablet, N24/300e, MiiX 320 and the MiiX 520. This is our community’s first opportunity to experience the Tactus touch and enjoy the natural feel of this removable polymer layer.

Tactus TrueWrite film gives users the confidence and precision they need. The advanced polymer technology literally gives writing and drawing on tablets a pen-on-paper feel. In fact, according to users in our studies, the TrueWrite experience is comparable to writing on four pieces of paper. Additionally, 80% of users we tested felt their handwriting improved. At last, the hands-on nature of the past has caught up with the agility of our digital future.  

Beyond TrueWrite’s refreshingly familiar feel, is a complex, patented series of layers that work to protect your investment and your person. The film provides three times the shatter protection, making a significant difference in impact resistance. You can see this demonstrated here in a ball drop test conducted for our demo video. In the event that you drop your tablet from a catastrophic height while channeling your inner daredevil, TrueWrite Film catches any shattered glass, protecting your fingers and hands upon recovery.

Furthermore, TrueWrite film extends the life of your stylus and your screen. You can watch the self-healing properties at work in our video, and easily imagine how this innovation helps protect both your devices. The layer also filters out UV and Blue Light, protecting your eyes and fighting fatigue. TrueWrite film truly enhances your tablet experience on every level.  

We look forward to hearing about your TrueWrite experience and we are truly elated to be working with Lenovo to bring this innovative new product to your fingertips. You can learn more on our TrueWrite page, watch the installation video, or view instructions here.