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Our success is driven by our team, partners and community. We are a diverse team of leaders with a passion for enhancing user experience through technology.

Jonah Arines, Engineering Technician // I am a music fanatic and I love to sing. I try to keep a flexitarian diet and I enjoy spontaneous out of town trips with friends and family.
Kang Liu, Technical Product Manager // I needed a change from the East Coast so I headed out west to be in the California sunshine.
Matthew Han, Materials Engineering Assosciate // Subsists solely on granola bars and potato chips. Special talents include starving and not leaving the house for extended periods of time. 
Nick Kanamaru, Japan Country Manager // Nick has over 20 years of experience in IT Business Development in Japan.
Curtis Takagi, Research & Development Manager // Creative professional that leads the fantastic R&D Team at Tactus Technology. A swing dieter that is periodically on a low-carb diet, and the type of person that will stop mid-sentence to say hello to a dog.
Brian Flamm, Sr. Materials Engineer // I enjoy hiking, eating out, and playing drums. Most of all I enjoy being a new father spending time with my wife and baby daughter!
Daniel Gutierrez, Sr. Process Engineering Manager // DG's favorite activity is trying out new Craft Beers around the bay area. He also enjoys backpacking, hiking, badminton and browsing imgur for memes whenever he finds the time. 
Chris Stains, Materials Engineer // I enjoy going on lengthy camping excursions to California's central coast and a variety of outdoor activities. I play guitar, bass, and saxophone for my SO and my cat. 

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