Tactus Technology’s patented shatter protection also gives you a pen on paper feel. Four layers designed to fortify and optimize your devices. Does your glass do that?

Nano Coating Scratch Resistance

Resilient protective layer that protect your screen from abrasion and scratches from daily use.

Elastomeric Layer

Creates a pen-on-paper feel. Contributes to the shatter-resistance properties of Tactus film.

Support Layer

Support foundation for the outer layers.

Adhesive Layer

Easy screen adherence and removal.

Tactus is leading polymer innovation with their 100+ patents pending and granted.

TrueWrite® is just the beginning. Tactus Technology is the future of our digital touch.

Continuous Innovation

Shatter Protection

Tactus Technology provides 3x the screen shatter resistance. The layers cover cracks and catch glass, protecting fingers from any accidents.

Smoother Writing Experience

80% of users tested felt they hand better handwriting on Tactus TrueWrite film. Studies show the experience is comparable to writing on four pieces of paper with a pen. This requires less force, extending stylus and screen life.

UV Light Protection & Anti-Glare

Tactus Technology is an optically transparent layer that decreases eye strain and filters out harmful UV rays and Blue Light. Our film innovation includes anti-glare technology.

Foldable Displays

Tactus’ patented technology is self-healing. Presently, this extends the life of your stylus. In the future, it will be a critical ingredient in foldable/bendable displays.

Hybrid Glass

Tactus Technology can be integrated with conventional glass to form a completely new hybrid glass, creating surfaces we’ve never seen before. Surfaces we could not only touch, but morph.

Industrial Protection

Tactus has developed a durable, industrial-strength shatter-proof film designed to protect against chemicals, paint and accidents in hazardous environments.

Tactus’ scientific design of TrueWrite Film enhances the user experience of writing by improving indentation, static and dynamic friction, acoustics, durability and stylus tip performance.

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"According to studies, tactile feedback allows for superior discrimination - when successive data needs to be rapidly resolved, the feel of touch is about five times faster than vision."

Ambient Touch: Designing Tactile Interfaces for Handheld Devices Ivan Poupyrev, Shigeaki Maruyama, and Jun Rekimoto

75% of users find writing on Tactus Film more relaxing compared to traditional glass cover lenses

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