With a touch of magic!

State-of-the-art display

Introducing TrueWrite

The ultimate writing and protection film

Shatter Protection

TrueWrite has 3X the shatter resistance of traditional glass

UV/Blue Light

TrueWrite filters out UV and Blue Light reducing eye strain


Writing on TrueWrite is like writing on four pieces of paper


80% of users believe they have better handwriting

Investment Protection

TrueWrite film is self-healing, which preserves product integrity while extending the life of your stylus and tablet


TrueWrite increases stylus control and accuracy

Tactus’ scientific design of TrueWrite Film enhances the user experience of writing by improving indentation, static and dynamic friction, acoustics, durability and stylus tip performance.

"I never realized how much I missed the texture of paper until we experienced TrueWrite film"

88% of users find writing on Tactus Film gives them better control compared to conventional glass coverlenses.

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